The company Pape Logistics GmbH & Co. KG is run as a family business in the 2nd and 3rd generation. Originally started as a fruit wholesaler, it has emerged into a modern international freight forwarding and logistics company due to nearly 80 years of constant, market-oriented commitment of grandfather, father and sons.

  • June 1st 1937 – Foundation of the Company “Ernst Pape Obstgroßhandel” (fruit wholesale) by Ernst Pape
  • 1958 – Erection of a fruit sorting warehouse with loading/unloading ramp at truck level
  • 1971 – At the age of 28, Reinhard Pape takes over the business from his father and obtains the first license for long-distance freight transport in the same year
  • 1977 – The company already operates six trucks in long-distance transporting, and the company name is changed into „Pape Obstgroßversand und Spedition GmbH & Co KG“ (Pape fruit wholesale shipment and freight forwarding). Due to the existing experience, more assignments can be accepted, including the transports to Italy for the chemical industry located in the city of Stade.
  • 1981 – The company I. Lappessen is acquired. For the development of the company, transports for the NDS (North-German Saltworks, later: AKZO Stade) within Germany and the storage of road salt are very important. For this purpose, a 2,500 m² storage hall is built.
  • 1984 – The fruit trading is discontinued and the company renamed to “Pape GmbH & Co. KG internationale Spedition” (international freight forwarding).
  • 1989 – Demolition of the fruit sorting hall built in 1959 and construction of a 1,600 m² large state-of-the-art high-bay storage for hazardous goods according to the latest safety standards.
  • 1990 – A truck wash system is built and another freight forwarding company is acquired.
  • 1997 – The continuously increasing demand for storage capacity requires the erection of another 2,500 m² high bay storage building.
  • 2002 – Another high-bay storage for hazardous and classified substances is built.
  • 2004 – Reinhard Papes sons Miro and Steffen join the company as managing partners.
  • 2010 – A personnel secondment service based on a license for supply of temporary workers is offered. Thereby, the range of services of the company Pape is complemented by in-house logistics especially for the professional handling of hazardous materials.
  • 2012 – Hall 10 is constructed: another hazardous materials storage with a capacity of 10,000 t for classified goods. The storage concept is focused on the new hazardous material storage directive TRGS 510 and is controlled by an online barcode system. The new building was inaugurated during the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the company Pape in November 2012.
  • 2013 – The company’s name is changed to “Pape logistics GmbH & Co. KG”. The total capacity of all storage buildings now amounts to approx. 25,000 t. The company’s premises increased from 3,000 m² in the beginning to 60,000 m².
  • 2016 - The storage capacity for class 3 is increased by 1,350t to a total capacity of 2,600t. Also, the storage class 4.1B is added to the service portfolio. The premises are expanded by 20,000m² to a current total of 80,000m².
  • 2019 - The new administration building on the company premises is moved in. State-of-the-art workplaces are now set up on 550m² and all departments are in one building.

Pape Logistics GmbH & Co. KG

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